Youth Making a Diffrence!!

Who is YMaD?

We are a group of young men and woman committed to Christ and His will for our lives, daring to be different and to make a difference in the lives of Young people in Eersterust:
     * We are a Christian base youth development organisation;
     * We are a civic-organisation as per government classifications;
     * We are accountable to Christ;
     * We are the youth-wing of the Eersterust Ministers Fraternal;
     * We have a holistic, three dimensional programme focus:

o Spiritual Development
o Social Development
o Economic Development;
     * We are God fearing and not people pleases; and

     * We will use whatever tool available to reach out to our young people in Eersterust.

               YMaD is not:

o A political organization;
o A church; or
o A bargaining chip in the hand of any politician.

The YMaD Executive committee that was appointed by the youth/members at our annual general meeting in January are individuals in their own right. They are free to belong to any political party or form part of any other organisation, as enshrined in the constitution of this Country. Many are born again Christians, and members of different political parties. In YMaD we however have some common denominators:
     * Christ Jesus
     * We serve Our Community - and the Youth in particular.

We will be measured by our fruits; herewith our fruits to date:

1. We secured bursaries for all grade 12 Prosperitus Secondary School learners through the Services Seta;
2. We are finalising an agreement with Willa Krause to train 10 young girls from the community in beauty technology with the aim of starting their own beauty spa;
3. We continue to train young people to understand who they are in Christ;
4. We have combined youth prayer session;
5. We have combined youth worship sessions with more than 100 young people in attendance at every session;
6. We seeing young people come to know the Lord every month, the last being this past weekend where more than 20 young people recommitted themselves to His purpose and His destiny for their lives;
7. We hosted two successful Eersterust Youth Conferences, reaching out to more than 100 young people;
8. We regularly visit the two Secondary Schools in Eersterust;
9. We host sports events for the youth, using it as a platform to minister to kids after ever game;
10. We are the founding members of the Eersterust Street Soccer programme were more than 15 teams participate;
11. We hosted two successful June 16 - Youth Day programmes, reaching out to more than 300 young people;
12. We hosted the first Annual Teachers Appreciation Breakfast, serving and saying thank you to the 150 teachers from all 6 Schools;
13. We hosted 5 youth small business workshops, providing information to more than 70 aspiring and existing small businesses and we have seen a high level of interest and a change in the culture of entrepreneurship in Eersterust;
14. We hosted the first ever Community Career Expo, with more than 1500 students visiting the Expo and more than 10 Exhibitors in attendance;
15. Three of our youth groups successfully hosted Spiritual Youth Conferences and many are still planning theirs;
16. We hosted a Young Couple's Marriage Seminar;
17. We house the convener of the Eersterust Community Police Forum-Youth Desk;
18. We provided food to many women and child headed households;
19. we hosted the YMaD Children's Christmas Party;
20. We donated 100 blankets during winter 2007; and
21. We are hosting the first ever Community Idol - Positive role models through music.

Community News:
The loss of a young life-
As YMaD, we would like to pass our condolences to the family of the young man that lost his life this past weekend. We are also praying for his three friends that are still in hospital.

YMaD offices-
YMaD has a letter in its possession where people have used our name as part of a Letter Of Intent to procure the old clinic premises for a medical centre. YMaD would like to distance itself from the contents of the letter. This matter will be referred and responses sent to the City of Tshwane.
YMaD's temporary office-
We have managed to secure sponsorships; computers, scanners, photocopier, and printers. We would like to thank our donors for the equipment - All the equipment will be repaired and stationed at our temporary office. The temporary office will have a training room, a prayer room, a volunteer office, a career guidance office, and a small business incubator.

We are still in need of sponsorships in kind; if you are interested, please contact: Tervern Jaftha - 072 447 1635
Li-Ann Martin - 083 300 4949
Lynn Stuurman - 076 736 0880

YMaD supports the Eersterust Secondary School-

YMaD would like to report that we, in partnership with the Concerned Parents Association, have had successful meetings with the School's Governing Body and some members of the School Management Team and we presented to them our proposal for a holistic solution to the schools challenges. We are still waiting on their response and will action our plan once everyone has agreed to it. YMaD is also planning a session with the Student Council and all the learners at the school.

In closing:

Many people have come and we have lost many of our members but the work continues, our focused is on our future in Christ as YMaD. The upcoming plans:
o Our Annual Youth Conference in November 2008
o Our new Training Programme for young leaders in grades (11-12) in partnership with GIBS for 2009
o Our Food for Hunger Drive Programme from September to December 2008


The apostil Paul writes in Romans 8:31:
What, then shall we say in response to this?
If God is for us, who can be against us?
Tervern Jaftha
Chairperson: Youth Making a Difference (YMaD) And servant of Christ Jesus