Our legacy

More or less in the Year 1905 the then owner of a farm close to Pretoria where the township of Eersterust now resides, divided a portion of his property into plots to sell. The township was develop for Coloureds to stay there, but the plots were mainly bought by Black People( Van der Walt,1966 ).

The details of the initial developments are not known. According to Van der Walt (1966) the living conditions was bad during the 1930s, there was no sanitation , illnesses were common and a lot of children died then. At that time Eersterust was no more then just a squatters settlement: the house were mainly made of sink and mud and a lot more of those structure were built on the same premises. Crime sky rocketed then.

A portion of the farm (Derdepoort no.469) in Pretoria was proclaimed a Coloured area in 1958. The area was once again divided into plots after the previous owners were expropriated from the area. After the non-coloureds were relocated to another area the houses were destroyed and new ones were build. The first housing scheme consisting of 200 houses was completed during February 1962 and consisted of six economical residences, at that point in time arrangements were made to move Coloureds that were staying somewhere else in Pretoria example Lady Selborne , Eastwood, Claremont, Boysens and the so called Kaapse lokasie into Eersterust.

In 1979 there was a total of 17 000 people living in Eersterust.

Further development took place and a total of 1207 sub economical houses .956 economical houses and more or less 86 private houses were build in Eersterust.

The Name Eersterust!

The existence of the Name is not precisely known, but according to Van der Wald (1966) there are three possibilities:

1. The then owner that was involved in dividing the farm into plots,his daughter said that her father was an idealist and with the development of the township wanted to create the first resting in Transvaal for descendents of slaves.

2. Amongst the residence of Eersterust is said that the township was the first resting outside of Pretoria where the postman at the end of the previous century could rest after his trip between Lydenburg and Pretoria hence the name Eerste Rust . (The Name is in Afrikaans)

3. Some of the residence said that the Republican forces that came with the British during the three years of War out of Pretoria stopped at Eersterust, rested before they continued there struggle.

More on Eersterust to follow

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