El tabernacle Church!

Pastor Roscoe is a renowned preacher not only in the whole of South Africa but also in other countries like Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, England, France, USA, Zimbabwe and others.
Regarded by many as an Apostle, Pastor Roscoe is invited to preach around the globe throughout the year. Many believers the world over have been filled by the Holy Spirit through his ministry and testimonies of healings and the Supernatural are now commonplace after every meeting.
Much as the pastor would love to accept all invitations his busy schedule does not always allow this to happen. The many activities at the local assembly also require much of the pastor's personal involvement and time.
Pastor Roscoe is assisted by 7 ministers who are Bro. Jonathan, Bro. Jude, Bro. Paul, Bro. Monti, Bro. Shane, Bro. Thapelo and Bro. Dominic. (read more about the ministers)
These ministers are a "true reflection" of their leader in the demonstration of the power of the Holy Ghost and are highly honored by the congregation.
Pastor Roscoe is further supported by deacons and elders that oversee the needs of the congregations.
The leadership at El Tabernacle pride themselves in rendering the following services to believers and the broader community:
- Prayer requests
- Marriage counseling
- Elementary Financial advice- Spiritual Guidance
- Bible Study
- Testifying to the unsaved
- Distribution of tracts

Pastor Roscoe facilitates conferences at least annually with the youth and married couples respectively. Advice given at these sessions is of a general nature but personal questions and interviews are also allowed. Those who have received advice from this man of God always testifies of the successes achieved and many unbelievers, as a result, have been converted to Christ. The elderly are catered for through weekly prayer meetings and regular visits by the office-bearers. A needy box is also in place to assist the needy ones of the assembly with food and clothes donated by the rest of the congregation.

Paul Murray - Senior Assistant Pastor

As a devote Christian and dynamic preacher, Pastor Paul Murray has served El- Tabernacle since he was a young man. He is married to our beloved sister Glynis and they live in Centurion, Pretoria.