Eersterust Islamic center!

In 1970 the Eersterust Muslim Jama'at was established in order to stabilise the very shaky Malay community which existed there.It was only in 1985 after this community found it inconvenient to travel to and fro central Pretoria or Laudium for their daily Salat that an application was lodged with the Pretoria City Council for the purchase of a piece of land to build Isalmic Centre in Eersterust. A piece of land was allocated to the Eersterust Muslim Jama-at the same year on stand 2468 at 508 Blaawberg Avenue , Eersterust. The Centre consisting of a Masjid Madrassah and Iman's residence was completed in 1988.

The Community started using the Majid from 1987, even before it was completed. The First appointed Iman at the Masjid was Mawlana Abd al-Malick Fanie from Cape Town. The biggest donation towards the building of the Masjid was received from the Queens street Masjid Community central Pretoria.